heal your heart + transform your life

Imagine what you could do if you or your children...

had clarity, felt supported, felt less overwhelmed by overthinking + emotions, 
had a positive mindset, believed in yourselves, felt on purpose with a clear direction, had the tools to move forward with strength, confidence + resilience?

I know how overwhelming it can be as an empath + sensitive soul, dealing with not only your emotions but others as well. It feels like a huge responsibility.

I can help you to feel awesome again.

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I work with adults + children who are empaths + sensitive souls


With pure love I am here to help you heal, grow, help you to feel calm + light, gain clarity + self awareness, relief from overwhelm, build strength + confidence, feel supported and find purpose + direction + in control of your life and feeling empowered. 

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With pure love I am here to help your children to heal and understand their big emotions, grow their self-esteem, self-love, strength and confidence. I teach them and help them to learn about personal power, setting intentions + using mindfulness. 

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With pure love I am here to help your family build loving connections with each of your family members, grow strong and happy relationships, to create family harmony within your homes and to create a beautiful sanctuary to live in for your families.

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Your healing session is channeled to help you in exactly the way you need with unconditional love. I have been gathering tools for 30 years to help you in your healing and spiritual growth. Every session is completely different and may include conversations with loved ones on an energetic level, forgiveness, cutting cords, energy clearing, chakra balancing, visualisations, essential oils, crystals, mediumship or clairvoyant + intuitive messages. 

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These divinely inspired and channeled meditations are made especially for you and your children with unconditional love. Each meditation is themed so that you can be guided to work on different areas of your life. They are created to provide an inner sanctuary to heal and to invoke the emotions that you want to feel every day. 

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I create amazing safe and supportive spaces for you to learn about yourself and to gain new skills + knowledge. There are workshops available for children and adults that will help you thrive mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is nothing better than being amongst like minded people learning new skills that will empower you to become the best version of yourself. 

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online courses + memberships

If you can't reach an in person workshop, that's ok. They are all online ready for you to learn new skills and knowledge to empower yourself from wherever you are. 

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are you an empath or sensitive soul?

do you feel other peoples energy and emotions? do you know what a person's energy is like before you get to know them? do you get overwhelmed in crowds and shopping centres? 

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If you answered yes to any of these questions you could be an empath. I have a 10 question quiz for you to find out if you are.


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